Barbie’s a fattie-bo-battie, I have a huge crush on Tina Fey

18 Oct

Man talk about fat-hating!

Apparently Barbie has cankles, and like hell we’re going to allow that to stay! That’s right folks, the doll who is so disproportionate she’d have to walk on all fours if she was life size… yes, the doll who’s feet have been permanently molded to wear high heels. Yes, she’s now too fat… in the feet. THE FEET.

What’s the obsession with cankles anyways? next thing you know they’ll be saying we’re too fat around the… oh wait, I think we’ve run out of shit to freak out about! Nope, ears; I bet we attack earlobes next.


Earlobe Lifts


Here are a few clips of Tina Fey on Letterman from which address her recent photo shoot in Bazaar, in which she (unfortunately) ditched the glasses for more of a sexier look.

Dear Tina Fey,

You made wearing glasses cool. I can’t touch my eyes, or even watch people touch their eyes. Glasses are a part of who I am and have been since I was 10 and will be until I die. Please keep making them cool, cause errrybody know I’m not doing it.

Unchangingly and most fondly yours,


The second clip references her daughter’s Halloween costume and what a wonderful feminist mother Ms. Fey is. I’d love to hear more on the topic. (This is where is sort of kind of related to Barbie.)

Also, I want to be a bacon eating robot.

(For Halloween?)

Nope, all the time, but with fakin’ bacon.


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