Worst Friends Ever

22 Oct

Worst advice ever as a response to worst friends ever.

I suggest reading the letter to the advice columnist and reading the columnist’s response, but here’s the summation. Girl gets ruffied at a bar. Girl gets left by friends. Girl manages to make it out of the club, but wakes up on the curb outside da’club with ambulance. Girl’s friends won’t even come to the hospital to see her and only came after Girl said they won’t let her leave until she finds a ride home. Only then did they begrudgingly drive across town (gasp!) to pick up their friend. Girl asks advice columnist if her friends suck and if she has a right to be mad at them.

Advice columnist says rufie-shmoofie you’re a big fucking sissy and she wouldn’t have come down that night to the hospital either.

Ok, now since then the advice columnist has been quite ridiculed (I’m a little behind the game) and has issued a statement (somewhere, couldn’t find it) apologizing and realizing that rape may sometimes follow being ruffied.

What MAY follow?! MAY FOLLOW? I don’t know many other things that follow being slipped a ruffie. This girl lucked the fuck out in managing to get out of the club. She’s REALLY lucky she woke up in the hospital without being brutalized and raped.

This girl’s friends fucking suck. They claim they thought she got herself home and just didn’t say goodbye.

I say, there are these wonderful fucking things called cell phones that, by the way, we ALWAYS have on us. ALWAYS. Why would you not check? ESPECIALLY if someone didn’t say goodbye. Further, how would they not know she got slipped something? I mean, I have no experience with ruffies, but I would imagine that it would affect your ability to speak and stand and, uh, fight back to rape.

I’m so fucking happy I have such not-horribly-shitty people as friends.

In fact, I didn’t go out and drink even moderately for a long time because I didn’t feel like I was ever around anyone that I could trust. Not that I had any idea in my naive little brain that I may get ruffied, I just meant even a little too tipsy! Still, I have  a hard time having any more than a couple of beers because I have a hard time depending on others (yes I know, I’m a psychologists fucking dream).

I really just can’t even fathom what was going through these ass holes’ minds. And to act so burdened to go pick her up after hearing this news! It’s one thing to fuck up in basic rationality, maybe they were drunk too, maybe she often leaves without saying goodbye (as I do), and not call her to double check. But man, if I heard the my friend was in the hospital (for any reason, let alone the most common date rape drug), I would already be in the car before they ever had to ask. And not that I’m oh-so-wonderful and loyal, it’s just (and should be) how you act to people you love.

That rant took a totally different path than I had originally thought. I’ll let it be though, since I have to run to class.


One Response to “Worst Friends Ever”

  1. delia October 23, 2009 at 12:28 pm #

    wow. that’s awful. I don’t understand how anyone could say that her friends weren’t being complete assholes. Anyone that treated me that way would not be considered a friend anymore. I’m glad to have wonderful friends like you 🙂

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