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Dreams I’ve had lately.

28 Nov

Last night I had a dream my friend John had to go to Afghanistan and his ex was going with him. And that there was a half woman half octopus and some pirates underwater. Yes, this is in Afghanistan. I apparently went too because I was apart of this fight and it was like we were on the playground with big fake swords saying things like, I already hit you. Nuh uh, you missed!


Doesn’t top the dream I had the other night. It was a fake Zombie dream. I was in a school and it was Zombie infested and we had to get out so we decided to go through the cafeteria. We broke off chair legs and were about to go in all bad ass. I opened the door to the cafeteria with all the Zombies and apparently my brain was like, whoa this shit is about to get wayyy to scary. At that point we realized it was just a big misunderstanding and these people were just a little sick, not zombies. Then we treated them and everyone got along and no one was eaten. There was also someone called the pink knight. I know, I know.


I have the imagination of an 8 year old on acid.