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Speaking of perpetuating rape culture

27 Oct

Feministing said it well: “being drunk isn’t what puts a woman at risk of sexual assault–being near a rapist does.”

(click the link to read A Little Victim Blaming With Your Coffee)

Sorry I haven’t had time to write my own stuff. Crazy week following three days off for my Dad’s wedding.


You have got to be fucking kidding me:

16 Oct

Bad. Just bad.

Noooo they didn't!

Noooo they didn't!

This is ridiculous.  I love that they stamp a big “Girls Only” sign on it; it’s the pickle on the crap sandwich though.  So not only do they make the cleaning supplies pink appealing to girls, but they also designate this a wrong boy-toy.  Explanation: anyone boys ever play with Barbies? or dolls? These are dubbed wrong toys for little boys. Apparently, so is this cleaning toy.  The toy, just like the real thing, should be left to the women. Girls only. Sorry boys.

We’re conditioning them young these days.

I am Philososaurus, hear me roar

5 Oct

Attempt at a blog #2:

My last blog was lame. It was about traveling abroad to Turkey (not that traveling to Turkey was lame, probably the most un-lame thing I’ve ever done).  I realized my audience consisted of my parents, or would have if they knew how to check a blog.

I’m a senior undergraduate Philosophy major recently rejecting makeup and jewelry, but not getting rid of either and I’ve been inspired by a number of feminist blogs to get writing.

Through blogs I began interacting with feminist issues. Now it’s time to react back. I have little social life: a mix on misanthropic tendencies and a heavy course/research/applying to graduate school load.

As far as philosophy goes, I study Continental Philosophy, Race Theory, Feminism, Queer Theory, Aesthetics (Literature and Film, specifically)… that is to say, current social issues, power structures, and what the fuck we should do about them.  In studying power structures, it has become apparent that I study the subject, be it woman, black, gay, lesbian… but I’m new to these issues, or writing about them at least. And this is a learning process to get my words right. Please remember this. IT’S A LEARNING PROCESS. Ironically, a lot of my blogs will be about the learning process that is our education system. I write about struggles.  Everyone thinks philosophy is old and dead and all like “What’s Plato got to do with it?” but I don’t write about a single thing that isn’t currently affecting my life.

I’m heavily, heavily influenced by Michel Foucault.

Oh and I have a bunny, named Yoshi. I’ll blog about how fucking adorable she is, especially on bad days.

Today I’m inspired by web comics. So maybe expect some of those. They will all be true(ish).

It’s time for beer, then Fringe with my most wonderfuls.

So I’ll leave you with this:

Obvious Child: A romantic comedy about an unplanned pregnancy, an abortion, and a great first date in an unlikely location.