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iphone and itouch apparently lead to isexism

18 Oct

Oh crimey. We knew someone would fuck up the brilliance that is the itouch/iphone app ability. I didn’t think it would be Pepsi.

They have a new app that allows you to ibrag about all the girls you score with. It also gives you tips on just how to score with them. First, identify her “type.” Here’s the list:

Aspiring Actress
Foreign Exchange Student
Goth Girl
Indie Rock Girl
Military Girl
Out-Of-Your-League Girl
Political Girl
Punk Rock Girl
Rebound Girl
Sorority Girl
Women’s Studies Major

There are so many fucking things wrong with this I don’t know where to start…. let me just point out a quick, nifty little tid bit: MARRIED is on the list.

What’s the next step you ask? Ok, if you really want to know: KEEP A LIST, name, date, and details you remember.

At least they are implying that you’d have to be out of your fucking mind to try this list, so out of your mind that you may not remember doing so.

Oh, and don’t forget to brag, boys. Email your friends, twitter, facebook, myspace, whatever fucking way you can.

Fanfuckingtastic. Jezebel had this to say on the topic:

There’s a reason why I go after bro culture as often as I do: things like this, which are completely unacceptable and ridiculously offensive. This is a program sponsored by a major corporation that encourages men to look at women as objects to be won, used, and tossed away after a “victory” is obtained, and the more normalized things like this become, the worse off we’re all going to be.

If the rationale is that the target audience for AMP energy drink is filled with pathetic douchebags, then perhaps instead of continuing to feed this audience and encourage this kind of behavior, we should offer them something different and stop shoving bro culture down everyone’s throats as if it’s totally acceptable to Tucker Max-it out at all times. Until then, the best we can do is to mock it mercilessly; if people actually think this kind of thing is attractive and effective, they’ll continue doing it, but if it’s ripped apart as often as possible, the “awesomeness” factor of stupid crap like this might be dulled a bit.

I have said it before, and I will say it again: I am just really tired of bros, man. It would be nice to turn on the television one day and not see some dude completely dehumanizing women as a part of some asinine “game” in order to promote deodorant or soda pop or body wash, but I guess there isn’t an app for that yet.

You know I’m angry when my f word count goes about 5 in a blog under 15 sentences.