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My BFF Mars :: Webcomic

19 Oct

I miss my BFF

On another note, I haven’t even started my damn research project.


I revoke my previous declaration of pessimism

9 Oct

I’m not a pessimist, you’re right.

I should stop mad-blogging (but I won’t).

I went and had coffee shortly after I wrote the blog. He’s an adjunct professor and I love love love bitching to him about all the stuff I will bitch-blog about (don’t worry). We also share grading stories (like 4th grade level writing [I shit you not] in papers and when someone writes “dong” instead of “doing”).

Yesterday we shared my worries. Or rather I shared, and he graciously giggled, listened, and advised.

I was reminded that there are people out there who see things the way I do, education isn’t a lost cause, and, yes, my class sucks/I’m not just making this shit up.

I think I’ll have to have this pep talk every week.

And then of course I went and cuddled the crap out of my bunny, which was awesome as per usual, and my “faith” in all things good was restored because of her fluffy.

Didn’t See This Coming:: Webcomic

9 Oct

Sorry I won’t doodle in pencil again:

Zack's shoes

Today Sucks :: Webcomic

9 Oct

Today Sucks

My first comic, so be kind.

I swear they get better.

Harsh criticism and bad news

5 Oct

It’s hard to hear you aren’t, in fact, the next big fucking thing. My GRE scores weren’t where they should be and my gpa isn’t a 4.0 (not that it isn’t up there). ┬áStill, this gets in the way of getting into a graduate school accepting a small enough amount of people that I can count them on one hand.

My professor sat me down today and talked about adding a few safety schools to my list.

You’re right, this isn’t the end of the world.

It just never occurred to me that I may not be a professor of philosophy in a few years…

I received my writing sample rough rough draft back from my professor and it looks like it was murdered, ala Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

On another note, I went out and found my companion enjoyable. I hope I run into him soon (class doesn’t count).

I think today I’ll be drawing these events.