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6 Months Later

10 Jun


Allow me to reintroduce myself:

I dig philosophy, feminism, art, the color green, literature, pizza, spoons, mumblty peg, pizza, 3-part harmonies, veggies, pizza, & theatre. I really like pizza. I’m a decent, but uncreative cook and recently asked Emmaraptor if it was a good idea to roll tofu in baking soda before frying it. I’m a philosophy graduate student about to make the small fish, big pond move to NYC. I’m an addict, specifically I indulge in twitter (philososaurus! philososaurus!), talking about my rabbit, Yoshi, and talking about Yoshi on twitter.

Despite my initial desire to wipe my entire blog clean, — how much one changes in just 6 months is surprising and sometimes painful to have proof of it on the internet — but, frankly, a lot of it still stand true. I still love my rabbit. I still miss Marselle. I still think that rape is terrible. I still have rainy days that are manageable and rainy days that are not. I still enjoy translating klingon on my down days.

Further, I’m still not sure what I want this blog to be. Until I major theme is found, it’s essentially an accompaniment to my twitter and a way for me to resolve, externally, my trials and tribulations. Much of it will be personal, most of it will be reactionary, some of it will be comical, and all of it will have the f word in it.