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Shit I found on my doorstep this week :: webcomic

24 Nov

I have a hunch about the cinnamon roll……….


@dancepartyy and I, we be married :: webcomic

10 Nov

you can't have my deezy

Rainy days pt. 2 :: Webcomic

29 Oct

I left my umbrella at home today. Literally. Figuratively, that shit snaped in fucking half.

Part 1: here


Rainy days pt. 1 :: Webcomic

29 Oct

Shit that’s getting me down today:


I’m an environmentally friendly boozer :: Webcomic

19 Oct


In my defense, I take the recycling for all 3 apartments upstairs. Except that I’m pretty sure one neighbor has no idea I do this and Alison and I are still the biggest boozers I know.

note: We are hardly ever drunk. We just drink beer for dinner, and lunch, and sometimes breakfast (Dear Pale Ale, you go deliciously with my french toasty toast). Seriously, in our fridge we have milk, condiments, beer, and vegetables, and neither of us actually DRINK milk.

I thought they were laughing at my jokes :: Webcomic

19 Oct

I thought they were laughing at my jokes

In retrospect, there were signs.

My BFF Mars :: Webcomic

19 Oct

I miss my BFF

On another note, I haven’t even started my damn research project.